Control Freak

Control Freak by Wayne Howell, the inventor of Art-Net, is a reference on the subject of DMX512 and RDM.

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Control Freak™ is a book by lighting protocols expert, Wayne Howell.

DMX512 has been with the lighting industry for many years. The advent of DMX512-A and Remote Device Management offer users much greater flexibility but also add complexity.

Control Freak provides an in depth but real world reference to DMX512 and RDM. It will be equally valid for end users, specifiers and designers.

Areas covered:

  • Lighting Control Protocols
  • The Data
  • The Wire
  • DMX512 Networks
  • Fault Finding & Common Faults
  • DMX512-A
  • Conversion & Specialist
  • Design Considerations
  • Remote Device Management


  • ISBN 978 1 904031 55 0
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