Micro-Scope 3c Upgrade Kit

PLASA Sustainability Award 20222022 PLASA Product Sustainability Award winner

For customers who own an Artistic Licence Micro-Scope 3a (manufactured this century, serial number 1000 upwards). The kit contains a microprocessor replacement and case label allowing the unit to be updated to the Micro-Scope 3c specification – most significantly adding RDM support.

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Kit containing a microprocessor replacement and case label allowing the user to update any Artistic Licence Micro-Scope manufactured this century (serial number 1000 upwards) to the Micro-Scope 3c specification (most significantly adding RDM support).

Post upgrade, the Micro-Scope will feature:

  • DMX512 output / RDM port
  • DMX512 input port
  • Get and Set RDM parameters including sub-devices
  • Read RDM sensors
  • Display RDM status messages
  • Scope trigger
  • Double-ended cable test
  • Single-ended cable test
  • Transmit DMX512 test patterns
  • Set variable DMX512 transmit timing
  • Read and display DMX512
  • Fix mode: retransmit corrected DMX
  • Transceive mode: transmit while reading
  • Read and display signal timing
  • DIP switch calculator

The following features are lost:

  • MIDI input
  • Fixture library
  • Mic-Edit connectivity

The following does not change:

  • The original 9V PSU is used to charge and/or power Micro-Scope.
  • The original NiCd battery is used, but battery charge life will be slightly improved.

Read the LSi ‘Classic gear’ article on the Micro-Scope DMX tester