ACT screenshot


ACT (the Art-Net Conformance Tester) tests whether equipment conforms to the Art-Net specification.


rdmInspect enables the user to snoop on the RDM data passing to and from a controller or fixture.

Bandwidth tester screenshot


DMX-Workshop™ is an application for lighting network management, analysis, configuration and diagnostics.

ACT screenshot


Bandwidth-Tester is a software application that is designed to stress-test networks. It supports Art-Net4, sACN and KiNet.

Multicaster screenshot


Multicaster is aimed at helping developers/engineers diagnose whether sACN/multicast networks are well configured.


Art-Route is an application for routing broadcast to unicast data. It can be considered as an Art-Net I to Art-Net 4 converter.

Test Equipment

ACT screenshot

Commissioner multi

Commissioner multi is a hand-held tool for testing, programming and configuring DMX512/RDM and DALI lighting installations.

Micro-Scope 3c upgrade kit

Mic3c upgrade kit

Kit containing a microprocessor replacement and case label allowing the user to update the Artistic Licence Micro-Scope DMX tester.


ACT screenshot

Light Bytes

Light Bytes by Wayne Howell, the inventor of Art-Net, is a reference on the subject of Art-Net and sACN.

Control Freak

Control Freak

Control Freak by Wayne Howell, the inventor of Art-Net, is a reference on the subject of DMX512 and RDM.